的 Washington University Medical Center campus is located along the eastern edge of Forest Park in St. 路易斯的中西区社区.


医疗中心包括 巴恩斯医院St. 路易儿童医院 和 阿尔文·J. 巴恩斯犹太医院的斯特曼癌症中心 以及 dafabet黄金手机版医学院. 路易.

十年校园更新计划 currently underway at Washington University Medical Center will transform the campus experience.




圣路易斯dafabet黄金手机版的医生教育. 路易斯开始于1891年.

根据4月14日颁布的法令, 1891, 成立dafabet黄金手机版医学院, 圣. 圣路易斯医学院(位于圣路易斯的一所独立的医学院). 路易) was brought under the wing of the well-established university.

学院的教员们急切地同意了这个工会, stating “Most of the great medical schools of the world have always been integrant departments of universities, 和 examples which America furnishes give added testimony to the fructifying influence of the contact of students and teachers of professional schools with the workers in universities.八年后, the Missouri Medical College (another independent college in the city) also joined Washington University, and thus the two most famous medical colleges in the city were merged with the university.

In 1909, Abraham Flexner began a survey of 155 medical schools in the United States and Canada for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. 这项调查在全国引起轰动. Some schools collapsed, others pooled their resources, while still others reorganized. 的 Medical School of Washington University did not escape criticism. 在Flexner博士的报告中. 普里切特, president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and former professor of astronomy at Washington University, he said that one of two courses must be adopted: “的 department must be either abolished or reorganized.”

Dr. 普里切特把报告寄给了罗伯特. 布鲁金斯学会,一个圣. 路易 merchant who was president of the Board of Directors of Washington University. Brookings was shocked and immediately went to New York to see Flexner, 要求提供条件和描述的一样糟糕的证据. 两人都回到了圣. 路易斯和那两个人穿过学校. 不到两个小时, Brookings was convinced that drastic action was necessary if the school was to be one of the foremost institutions of medical education and research. 的 meeting in 1909 of Brookings and Flexner was of unsurpassed significance in the history of the Washington University 医学院的, for it led to the complete reorganization of the school 和 establishment of the present Medical Center. 亚伯拉罕·弗莱克斯纳激发了建立模范医学院的梦想. 罗伯特·布鲁金斯接受了这个挑战, and with the energy and vision which characterized all his enterprises, 让梦想成真.

做出改变没有浪费时间. 的 Bulletin of the Medical School for July 1910, made the following statement:

“大学社团, becoming convinced that in no other direction could greater service be rendered than through a great, 现代医学学校, determined to reorganize the school and to place it in the front rank of American medical institutions. It has called to the heads of a number of leading departments the ablest men it could secure.”

当罗伯特. 巴恩斯于1892年去世, he left a will which directed the trustees of his estate to use $840,000 for the erection and equipment of a hospital “for sick and injured persons, 不分信仰, 在卫理公会圣公会的赞助下, 南.” Investigation by the trustees into the cost of building a modern hospital convinced them that the sum was not large enough to build an efficient, 防火建筑, 因此他们投资了信托基金. 到1912年,它的价值已增至200万美元, a sum which permitted the building of a hospital and left an endowment greater than the original fund.

欧几里得大街西诊所大楼., 1926.

与此同时,校董会正在研究医院建设, 罗伯特·布鲁金斯研究的是医学院. 每个关心这两个项目的人都很清楚, the building of a medical school 和 construction of a modern hospital, were so interrelated that the purpose of each would be more successfully fulfilled by an affiliation. A medical school would provide a highly trained staff and would assure the most modern methods and superior laboratory facilities for the hospital. 教学医院会给病人更好的治疗, 同时, provide the essential clinical experience consistent with modern medical teaching methods.

In the spring of 1912 construction was begun on the medical school and hospital buildings which today form the nucleus of the present center. 的 laboratories were moved from their old quarters in downtown St. 路易 into the new buildings on Euclid and Kingshighway during the summer of 1914, and late in the fall of the same year the activities of the Washington University Hospital were transferred to Barnes Hospital. 与此同时,圣. 路易儿童医院, 当时位于杰斐逊大道, became affiliated with the 医学院的 and moved to its new quarters in the Medical Center.

4月28日, 29, 和30, 1915, exercises were held to celebrate the completion of this group of buildings designed to promote the practice, 教学, 以及医学的进步. 奉献仪式标志着博士的成就. 威廉H. Welch of the Johns Hopkins University called “one of the most significant events in the history of medical education in America.“罗伯特年代. Brookings, the one man most responsible for the reorganization, voiced the hope that

“dafabet大发黄金版的努力会有所帮助, 在一定程度上, 提高西方医学教育水平, dafabet大发黄金版要加进去, 通过研究活动, dafabet大发黄金版的公平配额是全世界医学知识的总和.”

这些预言都应验了. Nineteen Nobel laureates have been associated with the 医学院的, and 12 have been elected fellows of the National Academy of 科学.

在随后的几年里,医疗中心继续发展壮大, 现在它的设施是世界上最好的. With the increase in the size of the physical plant there has come a substantial increase in the number of the faculty; the expansion has been made without compromise to the standards which marked the early development of the Medical Center. 作为一个结果, significant achievements in both research and clinical areas have been steadily recorded.

from the Centennial Bulletin of Washington University 医学院的, 1991/1992